Kind Lab Founder, Angela Arena

About Kind Lab

We are on a mission to empower women to say ‘yes’ to putting their wellness first, so the can cultivate the lives they deserve…

We are on a mission to empower women to say ‘yes’ to putting their wellness first, so they can cultivate the lives they deserve, and feel healthy, calm, energetic, balanced, and beautiful.

Caregivers, entrepreneurs, athletes, mothers, leaders – women are all these and more, and are adapting to the many demands of modern life with a shifting mindset that prioritizes natural solutions and a higher bar for wellness.

Our products are formulated with quality, ethically sourced, and third party tested CBD-rich hemp extract and plant-based ingredients that help women enhance their quality of life, and discover better living through nature.

About Our Founder

Necessity is the mother of invention. Stressed out to the point of insomnia and crumbling under the demands of being a business executive, mother, wife, and caregiver, I spent my nights imagining horrific things that *might* (not) happen with no respite. I tried everything from NyQuil to wine, all leaving me with a headache and fuzzy head in the morning at best.

I wouldn’t ask for help, because I felt like I was complaining, and knew my doctor would just prescribe pills that I didn’t want to take.

A friend finally convinced me to try cannabis. I had the best night’s sleep in months, and was clear headed and focused the next day.

That experience was a huge life turn for me, and I’ve since educated myself on science behind cannabis and worked to create solutions for other problems – from pain to anxiety – with hemp extract and other plant-based ingredients.  Those creations are what I offer through Kind Lab. I hope they enhance your wellness as they have for me & my family.

Thank you for joining the Kind Lab movement to bring light to natural solutions, encourage women to say “yes” to prioritizing their own wellness, and make better living through nature accessible.

Meet the Muses

  • Kind Lab Founder, Angela Arena's daughter Emily
  • Kind Lab Goddess Logo

Kind Lab Goddess

This is my daughter, Emily. She’s a kind, free spirit. Sometimes, I think she’s the person you were before the world changed you into who it wanted you to be. Emily, like all girls, lives in a world that often doesn’t have her best interests in mind. I started Kind Lab to build a company that would do right by girls and women, with the aspiration of making a better world for us all. Kind Lab is my rose for Emily.

  • Kind Lab Founder, Angela Arena side profile
  • Kind Lab Goddess Warrior Illustration


It’s me, Angela. I have never been athletic, but it turns out that athletic pursuits are key to my quality of life. The gym is my happy place. And is there anything worse than being held back from something that brings you joy? Many of the products I created were to keep myself mentally & physically able to enjoy the things I love, which is the inspiration behind Relief.

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  • Serenity Muse Anne Gilbride
  • Kind Lab Serenity Muse Blue Woman Illustration


Have you ever had an instructor tell you to “find your float”? It’s the space between leaning too far forward (future) or too far back (past), and is perfectly centered (present). If there was ever anyone to guide me there, it would be Anne. She radiates a calm energy that you can feel just by being near her. And she willingly teaches you how you can attain inner peace for yourself. That’s why Anne is the Serenity muse.

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  • Muse Vitality, Woman Allison smiling
  • Green woman goddess illustration, vitality muse


Remember being young with energy & optimism to spare? That was a long-ago for me, until I met Allie. She’s the fun-loving friend that’s always up for a walk or yoga class with an ever-present smile on her face. I’m so lucky to have her on this Kind Lab adventure with me. She gives me energy & optimism to tackle any self- or world-made roadblock. That’s why Allison is the Vitality muse.

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  • Bliss Muse, Amanda smiling
  • Kind Lab Bliss Muse, Orange woman goddess illustration


You know that person that immediately captures your attention? She walks with confidence and a sense of self-worth that deserves your respect. To me, Amanda exemplifies divine feminine energy. In an often uncertain world, Amanda holds her own. She is womxn, and will not be ignored. That’s why Amanda is the Bliss muse.

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  • Grace Muse, Tania of Kind Lab Co
  • Pink woman goddess illustration, grace muse


Do you ever celebrate being a woman? It never occurred to me to indulge in the decidedly feminine – in fact it seemed so foreign. Then I met Tania for a quick cup of coffee. She arrived fully “done” with lipstick & heels because she wants to, she loves it, and it makes her happy. She’s taught me how to embrace the feminine and not apologize for wanting to feel beautiful. That’s why Tania is the Grace muse.

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