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All About: Magnesium

All About: Magnesium

Oh Mg! Is there anything magnesium can’t do?

Not much, according to Gretchen Lidicker, health contributor at Mind Body Green and author of “Magnesium: Everyday Secrets” – it’s a critical yet overlooked mineral in modern diets. Here’s what she says:

“Often called the miracle macro-mineral, magnesium has been credited with helping everything from headaches and insomnia to depression and heart disease.

Almost everyone can benefit from more magnesium in their life, not only for their health, but also for relaxation, stress relief, and sleep support.”

…and more! Magnesium is credited with:

  • Promoting relaxation & improving sleep quality
  • Providing relief from muscle tension and muscle spasms
  • Enhancing exercise & sports performance
  • Increasing general wellness

You can boost your intake by eating magnesium-rich foods – like almonds, salmon, spinach, and edamame – or by taking/using supplements like chews & salves.

We love topical magnesium like our Serenity Salve for its ability to calm the nervous system and soothe sore muscles.

When ingested like with our Serenity Chews, magnesium can soothe nerves and bring balance back to mind & body.

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