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Body Strategies

Body Strategies

Is your body keeping you from doing the things you love? At some point – whether through age, illness or accident – everyone finds themselves not feeling the best in their body.

That’s where CBD-rich hemp comes in, with its ability to decrease stress, tension, and swelling in the body so you can get relief.

To help revitalize your body, here’s our advice. If we ask you about your pain and you:
• Point to one spot on your body, a topical is best.
• Point to multiple spots on your body and/or have an underlying condition that’s causing concern, then a combination of topical and oral is best.

CBD-Rich Hemp Topicals

Topical products are great for immediate, targeted relief.

Balms and salves are useful as the oil & wax base keep the active ingredients focused on the area of application.

Regular creams are useful for skin conditions redness, dryness/flakiness, and itchiness.

Transdermal creams are ideal for deeper pain as they can penetrate the skin unlike other topicals. They’re also popular for use on hands when the greasiness of a balm or salve is unwanted.

For joint/bone pain, look for CBD-rich hemp products with added arnica like our Bliss Balm.

For muscle/nerve/tendon pain, look for CBD-rich hemp products with added magnesium like our Serenity Salve.

For intense pain and hands, look for CBD-rich hemp products with transdermal capabilities like our Relief Advanced Cream.

And for skin issues, look for products with skin-loving ingredients like our Grace Serum.

CBD-Rich Hemp Ingesitbles

Oral products may take longer to deliver relief – from a few hour to a few days of continued use – but are very useful for addressing the problem from the inside out.

In terms of ease of use, chews are a great option: they taste good and are already broken into manageable doses.

In terms of overall efficacy and cost-effectiveness, oil concentrates are a great option: the full-spectrum extract is more potent in this form and you can really dial in your dosing.

For those ready to ingest, here’s our advice:
• If your pain is mild to moderate, start with a traditional dosing approach.
• If your pain is severe, start with a micro-dosing approach.
• If your pain is related to a chronic condition, take nightly to max out.

Traditional dosing: this method means that you’ll be taking larger doses less frequently, or even as-needed. For this approach, use the serving size on the product label as a starting point, and go up/down from there as needed.

Micro-dosing: this method means you’ll be taking smaller doses more frequently. For this approach, use half of the serving size on the product label as a starting point, and increase by that same amount every hour until desired effects are achieved. Once achieved, add up how much you’ve taken so far, and use that as a starting point to transition to traditional dosing.

Max out: this method is not an “official” one as above, but one we recommend to those working on more challenging issues. The concept here is to take the largest dose tolerated at night, when the side effect of sleepiness is not a barrier, to get maximum benefits from the CBD-rich hemp.

To max out, slowly increase your nightly dose – for example, adding one drop per night – until you wake up feeling foggy. Once that happens, decrease to the previous, lower dose and stay there. What we’re doing is looking to get you up to the maximum dose your body can process and still enable you waking up feeling refreshed.

Note that a side effect of taking too much CBD is sleepiness, so if you’re getting sleepy when you don’t want to be or wake up feeling foggy, take less of your product next time.

Know that CBD is not like a vitamin in that the effects are hard to quantify. If you’re using or taking the right product in the right amount at the right time, your body should start to feel better.

Once you feel like you have the pain under control, you can determine how you want to adapt your regimen. Some people continue using/taking the products daily because they need or want to, while others find they can transition to as needed.

If you do transition to as needed, be mindful of any movements or activities that may aggrevate, and use the products before & after to keep things in check.

Be patient & consistent, and you’ll start feeling your best.

If you have any questions about how to get started on your way to CBD-rich hemp wellness, please contact us – we’re here to help!

And to point you in the right direction, here are our most popular products for body: