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Effective Topical Solutions

Looking to ease aches & tension in the body naturally? We’re here for you with Kind Lab topicals.

Here’s a guide to help you navigate options and get started with a solution that meets your needs, and helps you discover better living through nature:

Serenity Salve

Soothing magnesium and full-spectrum hemp extract are combined with calming essential oils including lavender and chamomile in this creamy salve.
Each 2oz jar contains 400mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract (200mg/oz).

People looking to calm tension in muscles/tendon/nerves and those looking for topical sleep support should choose this solution.

Bliss Balm

Arnica, calendula, and st john’s wort boost swelling & ache relieving properties of this easy to apply & carry balm with full-spectrum hemp extract and balancing essential oils including lavender, rose, and jasmine.

Each 1oz tube contains 200mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract (200mg/oz).

People who are looking for portable relief or want to apply something directly from a tube choose this solution.

We’ve also had people use it for skin dryness & rough patches, as well as a natural deodorant.

Relief Advanced Cream

Our maximum strength topical, this cream is a special formulation that penetrates much more deeply than typical creams or lotions and absorbs very quickly with no residue.

It contains both heated (CBD) & unheated (CBDa) cannabinoids plus arnica and frankincense for potent relief.
Each 1.7oz pump bottle contains 500mg of CBD (plus a host of other cannabinoids, including CBDa) from full-spectrum hemp extract (300mg/oz).  

People looking for maximum potency or a fast-absorbing, non-greasy option should choose this solution.

Vitality Lip Balm

25mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract are infused in this deeply moisturizing, vegan lip balm with essential oils including pink grapefruit and yuzu that help ease food cravings.

Each .15oz tube contains 25mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract (175mg/oz).    

People looking to get some relief from dry/cracked lips should choose this solution.

Getting Started

Topical products are all used as needed. There’s really no right/wrong way or frequency of application.

If you are experiencing regular discomfort, we recommend at least daily application. If remembering is hard for you, keep it by your bedside and apply nightly.

If you’re doing an activity that may exacerbate the underlying issue, apply before and/or after to keep things in check.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD-rich hemp, visit our How to Hemp page. And please reach out with any questions – we’re here to support you.