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How to Hemp

Hemp vs. Marijuana


A plant family that includes many species, including those we know as hemp & marijuana. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, chemical compounds that exist naturally in the plant. The 2 primary cannabinoids are CBD & THC.


  • High levels of CBD
  • Low levels of THC <.3%
  • No euphoric “high”
  • Federally legal


  • High levels of THC
  • Generally low CBD
  • Causes euphoric “high”
  • Legal in some states

Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Extract

Hemp Oil

  • Extracted from the seeds of a plant
  • Excellent source of protein & omega-3 fatty acids
  • Does not contain CBD or other cannabinoids

Hemp Extract

  • Extracted from the stalk, stems and/or flowers of the plant
  • Rich in wellness enhancing compounds including CBD

How to Hemp

All vertebrate (animals with a spine) have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the purpose of which is to maintain balance in the body.

  • Cannabinoids – including CBD & THC – interact with that system and can influence our physiology
  • Since cannabinoid receptors are found in all major organs, that influence can be far-reaching.
  • That influence can be bi-phasic, meaning that an over-stimulated ECS can cause unwanted effects
  • In order to avoid unwanted effects, use as little as possible to achieve wanted effects
  • When beginning a regimen, start low and slowly increase until the optimal amount is reached
  • Everyone’s optimal amount is unique, and not always tied to size/sex. Patience and consistence is key

Signs that you’ve consumed beyond your optimal dose

Feeling sleepy during the day or difficulty/”fogginess” upon waking up, often resolved by lowering amount used/consumed.

Dizziness, dry mouth, GI distress, and headache are possible, often resolve after the first few weeks of use.

Unwanted side effects are uncommon with topical (non-transdermal) products.

Dosing approaches

Standard dosing is taking a larger amount less frequently (ex. 1-2 times per day)

Microdosing is taking a smaller amount more frequently (ex. 3-4 times per day)

The quantity and frequency of consumption is very personal – experiment to find what works best for you..

Quantity consumed will vary by method due to differences in bioavailability.

For example, for your body to absorb 3mg of cannabinoids, you’d consume:

MethodBioavailabilityQuantity to Absorb 3mg of Cannabinoids
Oral – Sublingual20 – 30%10 – 15mg
Oral – Edible5%60mg
Oral – Capsules5%60mg
Inhaled – Vaporizing30 – 40%7.5 – 10mg
Topical – Transdermal40 – 70%4 – 7.5mg