Relief Advanced Concentrate

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This concentrated, raw & heated cannabinoid-rich hemp extract is made from hemp grown organically in New England infused into organic black seed oil and formulated for maximum potency.



Our most potent consumable, this concentrated, cannabinoid-rich extract is made from hemp grown organically in New England infused into organic black seed oil.

What makes this concentrate Advanced is the inclusion of both raw & heated cannabinoids – including both CBD & CBDa – plus a rich set of terpenes giving it an expanded range of benefits. It’s like trading your multi-vitamin for a pre-natal for when you need the most support (scroll down for more details).

The 1oz bottle has 1,500mg and 1/2 oz bottle has 750mg of cannabidiol + additional cannabinoids.

1 ml = 50 mg cannabinoids –> 1 drop = 2.5mg cannabidiol + additional cannabinoids.

Note that the potency of this product combined with the black seed oil means it does have a more pungent taste than our Relief Everyday Concentrate. If this is an issue, we recommend the “spoonful of sugar” approach – mix the Concentrate in a little honey before consuming.

If you need some support getting started with CBD wellness, check out our blog posts about CBD dosage for sleep, stress, and body for some helpful usage guidance & tips.


Serving Size: 1/4 ml
Cannabinoids per serving: 12.5mg

Place drops under the tongue (sublingual), hold for 45-60 seconds, then swallow.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: black cumin seed oil*, full-spectrum (raw & heated) hemp extract


This concentrate is more potent than standard full-spectrum hemp extract concentrates like our Everyday Concentrate. See below for an example comparison of cannabinoids & terpenes, and you’ll see why this is a maximum potency product:

Relief Everyday vs Advanced Cannabinoid Content


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