The Good Patch CBD Patch


The Good Patch by La Mend offers innovative transdermal patches that aim to provide sustained, discreet relief for life’s common ailments. Free from latex, parabens, and sulfates, each patch is designed with the most sensitive skin in mind. Sold individually.


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The CBD Patches by The Good Patch are a series of transdermal patches that provide great relief from soreness and other maladies. There is more than one patch variation, and each one has a specific objective. 

Each variation has differing quantities of CBD, including:

  • CBD: this patch contains 20mg of CBD.
  • Hot Flash this patch is complete with 15mg CBD, along with menthol and black cohosh, so you can get back to the fun part of being all grown up.

These CBD patches are designed to be compatible with any skin type, including sensitive skin types. Also, their products are produced with safe ingredients, which means that they do not contain sulfates, parabens, and latex.


  • The Good Patch CBD Patches is the best bliss for women’s health. It provides relief for life’s common ailments. With these transdermal patches, you can manage soreness and discomfort to be more productive with your time. 
  • It is free from latex, parabens, and sulfates; each patch is designed with the most sensitive skin in mind.


  • Each pouch contains one patch.

Instructions & Guidance

  • Peel and stick one CBD patch for up to 12 hrs. And once you’re done, simply peel the patch off

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