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ri-’lēf/ (n)
Removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful, or distressing

Physical pain takes a toll the mind & mood, and can greatly decrease quality of life. Relief products are specifically formulated to ease what ails with potent, natural solutions.

Relief combines that power of traditional herbal remedies, including Arnica and Black Seed Oil, with both raw & heated cannabinoids from full-spectrum hemp extract to deliver potent solutions for natural wellness.

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s’renadē/ (n)
The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled

Peace of mind and body is the goal of Serenity products, targeted to support stress and resulting sleep issues as well as physical pain that may come from internalizing stressors of modern life.

Serenity blends calming & therapeutic magnesium with full-spectrum hemp extract plus soothing essential oils, including Blue Tansy and Lavender, to bring peace to mind & body.

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vī’taladē/ (n)
The state of being strong and active; energy

A troubled mind can make for an unproductive day. Enter: Vitality. Say “goodbye” to days of mental churn and stress eating, and enjoy brighter, energetic, and productive days with support from Vitality.

Powerful nootropic & adaptogenic herbs – including full-spectrum hemp extract – deliver energy plus mental focus & stamina in Vitality. Invigorating essential oils, including Pink Grapefruit and Yuzu, curb food cravings and brighten days.

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blis/ (n)
Perfect happiness; great joy

Bliss is dedicated to supporting women’s health with products formulated to address symptoms and provide support during all phases of a woman’s life – from PMS to menopause – and promote balance within the female anatomy.

Balance is found with Bliss. Bliss Oil infuses Full-spectrum hemp extract into Evening Primrose Oil to be used orally and topically/vaginally. Essential oils like Clary Sage and Jasmine bring soothe the effects of hormone fluctuations.

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grās/ (n)
Elegance or beauty of form

Turn inner beauty out with Grace. All-natural ingredients combined with enhanced anti-oxidant power of raw & heated cannabinoids deliver the next generation of natural skincare.

Oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins, omegas and sterols are boosted with the super-power anti-oxidant effects of raw & heated hemp-derived cannabinoids to bring the next level of skincare. Essential oils including frankincense and neroli enhance anti-aging effects and provide a luxurious scent.

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