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When You Need Extra Strength

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Sometimes, you need to be extra.

When is it time to go extra strength? Here’s what we suggest to look for:
• If you’re ingesting >50mg/CBD per dose
• If you have chronic wellness challenges
• If you are pre- or post-surgery
• And if “regular” CBD products aren’t moving the needle for you

As with all CBD-rich hemp extract products, if you’re taking/using the right product in the right amount/correct way, you should feel a difference in your wellness. Be patient & consistent, and you’ll find the product & usage that works best for you.

Time for extra strength? We have you covered with these products:

Relief Advanced Concentrate is our maximum potency ingestible, as it includes both heated and unheated cannabinoids. Most hemp extracts, like our Relief Everyday Concentrate, contain only heated (CBD) hemp extract. The addition of unheated (CBDa) in Advanced means there are more cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working hard for you. Also, it’s in an organic black seed oil base, which provides additional immune support.

Relief Advanced Cream also contains the super-potent combination of heated & unheated cannabinoids, and is in a transdermal base, which means it can penetrate more deeply than typical CBD creams, balms, and salves.

And our limited edition Extra Strength Serenity Chews, with 25mg of CBD from full-spectrum extract + magnesium, are a step up from the regular 10mg variation. If you’re consistently taking 2 or more of the 10mg Serenity Chews or you know you need a higher mg gummy, the Extra Strength Serenity Chews are more cost effective.

If you have questions, or are looking for product recommendations or usage guidance contact us – we’re here to help!